Transit Of Goods

Transit of Non-Customs-Cleared Goods from an origin customs to another destination customs is called "Transit Of Goods," which can be divided into two types: internal transit and external transit.

From the past until now, Iran has been a gateway for trade between CIS countries, the Middle East, East Asia, and European countries.

Our Saribar transport group is ready to provide transit services to its customers from any point in Iran and around the world.

Our company has an extensive network of native employees stationed at major ports, customs centers, and border points, prepared to offer transit services to esteemed traders and cargo owners.

Saribar International Transport Company, with its capable and specialized team, is committed to providing the best high-speed and reasonably priced Transit Of Goods to its esteemed customers from all corners of the world.

Advantages of Our Cargo Transit:

• Having representatives at all air, sea, and land borders and customs for Transit Of Goods
• Possessing domestic and international transportation fleet for cargo transport.
• Carrying out all document-related services and providing guarantees to customs.

For more information about common terms in cargo transit, you can visit Common Terms in Cargo Transit.


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