MultiModal Transport

Saribar Transportation Group, with full mastery of all transportation methods and logistics management processes, ensures complete planning and coordination with shipping lines for the movement of goods in containerized or bulk form, obtaining shipping clearances, providing port and warehousing services, handling road and rail transportation, performing loading and unloading operations between various transportation modes, and carrying out customs and transit procedures from origin to destination, all with utmost confidence, leaving no effort spared to meet customer demands with MultiModal Transport.

The speed of transferring cargo from one vehicle to another, the safety of goods during this transfer, proper arrangement of transportation documents, costs associated with these operations, the responsibilities of transportation handlers, customs and legal supervision, are among the crucial aspects of MultiModal Transport. Furthermore, in multi-modal transportation, appropriately connecting road, rail, maritime, and air transport systems and selecting the right carrier and forwarder companies play a highly effective role in coordinating various transportation methods (MultiModal Transport) and the related regulations.

The countries

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania
Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq
Türkiye and all European countries

Are involved in international transportation.


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