In the age of information and the world of knowledge, which has vast and boundless boundaries in various sciences, it is not expected that any individual knows everything alone. Amidst this, the vast realm of international transportation and the diversity of methods, routes, and transportation means, along with the specific needs and requirements of each cargo, have made it impossible for anyone to have complete mastery over all transportation issues and methods. Furthermore, the national laws and regulations of countries overseeing transportation differ, and in international cargo transportation, the subject is subject to the laws and regulations of several countries (the country of origin, transit countries, and the destination country). In this context, establishing and regulating legal relationships among the major parties involved in the transportation process, namely, the shipper, carriers, and consignee, has always been a challenging task due to the conflicts between national laws and regulations of various countries. so an expert Counseling team can make your decision very easy.

The Saribar Transport Company, with a history and extensive experience, under the management of Dr. Mohammad Forutan, an expert in transportation planning, with a background in research and teaching in transportation, and utilizing an experienced team (Mr. Bijan Khasrounejad with ten years of experience in international transportation and Mehdi Rezai with over ten years of experience in heavy and oversized equipment and logistics for oil projects), will utilize all its assets to provide you, our valued customers, with proper guidance and Counseling system. We will offer you the best transportation methods and routes, with low cost and high security, along with desirable service quality, available to you.