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Saribar International Transport Group

Saribar International Transport Group started its operations in 1352 (1973) under the name of urban freight transport, and with the expansion of its services and obtaining a license for road transportation in 1357 (1978), it became known as the main road transportation hub in Fars province.

Continuing its growth trajectory, the company obtained an international cargo transportation license, and today, under the management of "Mohammad Frootan, Ph.D. in Transportation Planning," it is actively providing services to industrialists, miners, traders, farmers, as well as government and private organizations and institutions.

Equipped with a fleet of trucks, including oriental trucks, six-wheeled and ten-wheeled trucks, as well as flatbed, blade, covered, livestock, curtain-sided, refrigerated, tanker, bulk, low-bed, and container trailers, along with standard trailers compliant with TIR and CMR conventions, and holding licenses for road transportation and international cargo transportation.

The company operates with its exclusive terminal featuring facilities such as cargo declaration halls, parking lots, covered and open warehouses, cold storage, loading and unloading ramps, mobile loading platforms, packaging spaces, dormitories, and amenities for drivers. It is capable of sending and transporting industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural, heavy, and oversized products to all destinations within Iran and around the world.

Additionally, in the maritime transportation sector, the Fast Cargo Transportation Group acts as the representative of Fars province, having signed contracts with the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) for the transportation of container, bulk, and general cargo.

By establishing dynamic connections based on sustainable transportation development components with most shipping lines and relying on its own road transport fleet for effective communication with ports and efficacy in the logistics process, the company provides the best maritime and logistics services to its customers at the most competitive market prices.

Saribar International Transport Group handles rail transportation of export and import shipments in Europe and Asia with a forwarder license from the railway organization and can reserve wagons or send small cargoes in shared wagons.

Our company takes pride in being entrusted with the transportation of your goods through member airlines of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) at the best possible prices. The experience and expertise of our personnel, along with the available facilities and pre-established contracts with airlines, enable us to offer regular services for commercial shipments with direct and secure flights worldwide.

Our Achievements

Written by the CEO

With nearly half a century of experience, Saribar International Transport Group takes pride in being one of the oldest freight transportation companies in Fars Province. We are honored to be the sole active company providing international cargo transportation services within the province. In this journey, our company has equipped over three hundred versatile trailers with the necessary documentation, ensuring they can traverse various international routes. Presently, our drivers play a significant role in exporting food products, fruits, and perishable goods to countries bordering the Persian Gulf, facilitating transit from the UAE to Iraq, and handling exports and imports of goods to major European countries and Russia. Therefore, we consider ourselves pioneers in the international transportation industry within Fars Province. Additionally, our company proudly undertakes a major portion of the transportation of traffic, heavy, and super-heavy cargoes within the province.